The Process

Here, I will be documenting some of the trials and tribulations (I need to look that word up) of producing a web series on your own.

I will start with this:

I wrote, produced, directed, acted in and edited the first several episodes. This was a mistake because regardless of how talented I may or may not be in any or all of these positions, they all were negatively affected by my spreading myself too thin.

I have been very fortunate to work with remarkably talented people on this project for little to no money. The actors, some of who I have known for a while, others who were cast through your typical casting sessions, are fantastic while working with an absentee director (that would be me). Their ability to roll with the punches has proven to be invaluable. The original idea was to shoot 12-15 minute episodes but having met with some knowledgeable people in this, the web based entertainment industry, it was determined shorter episodes would be far more effective. What followed was my attempt to cut one long episode into several shorter episodes. So, keep an eye out for a couple more in the next few days.

More to come

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